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Cleaning services

We offering a comprehensive range of professional cleaning services to the private and public sector.

Whether you require one cleaner at a single location, or a team of cleaners at various locations, Our Cleaning services can provide tailored cleaning services for your business and budget requirements.

We provide a reliable and efficient cleaning service at competitive rates, with highly trained, trustworthy and security conscious staff.

Our company has a wealth of experience in the cleaning industry, so our clients can be assured that all aspects of their service will be handled with the utmost professionalism and care.

We offer a complete hygiene service for a fixed budget price to include the provision of trained cleaners, using superior cleaning equipment and cleaning products, all fully insured.


  • Normal Cleaning/General Cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • And Commercial Cleaning

General Cleaning

  • Remove all exposed product
  • Dry clean/Sweep area
  • Wet area to be cleaned
  • Clean and scrub area
  • Rinse
  • Air dry / store properly

Deep Cleaning and Commercial Cleaning

          We continually monitor all of our contracts to ensure that your building is safe from hazards and that a clean and carefree work environment is always available. Our employees understand the value that their work provides and are hired based on both ability and friendliness. We go looking for dust whatever nook and cranny it may be hiding in. Below is a list of the type of work we carry out on a building site:

  • Thorough dusting of all interior and exterior fittings.
  • Dust control throughout the construction or building work.
  • Clean all interior and external walls.
  • Window cleaning, including frames and sills.
  • Remove all the stickers from windows and fittings.
  • Wooden floor cleaning (buffing, vacuuming, damp moping)
  • Floor scrubbing with single disc scrubbing machine
  • Stainless steel cleaning and buffing (handrail, knobs,,,, etc…)
  • Stain removal, washing and vacuuming of all surfaces
  • All our builders cleaning services are tailored to meet your specific cleaning requirements.
  • We operate with only the best equipment and ensure our builders cleaning operatives are fully equipped with all safety clothing and materials to work on site.


  • Dust Mopping
  • Scrubbing
  • Stripping
  • And Floor Finishing

Basic Procedures

  • Remove all waste/debris
  • Hold mop at a 45-digree angle and push mop straight ahead: do not push backwards and avoid lifting up mop.
  • Use small dust mop for obstructed areas, such as office or class room
  • If furniture is easily moved, move and mop where furniture is located.
  • Use dustpan and broom to sweep up trash.
  • Treat dust mop at end of cleaning procedures
  • Replace mop head when soiled
  • Hang dust mop with yarn facing away from walls.
  • Use a wet vacuum or remove the dirty solution with the first mop
  • Dip the clean mop into the clear water and rinse — using the double bucket procedure
  • Cover the entire area to be cleaned
  • Wipe off baseboards before they dry.
  • After the floor has dried, remove the wet floor signs and return furniture and other items to their proper positions.
  • Pour floor finish into lined mop bucket and place a clean, non-rusty wringer into the bucket
  • Immerse clean mop into the finish
  • Wring out mop to eliminate dripping
  • Apply a thin coat of finish to the floor
  • Apply floor finish by running floor finish applicator mop parallel to and next to the baseboard
  • Do not apply in vertical portions of baseboards and walls
  • Use additional finish, as needed, per manufacturer instructions and cover the entire floor
  • Try to avoid splashing the floor finish
  • Before applying another coat, allow finish to dry completely.
  • Apply second coat ,Repeat the above instructions
  • You may wish to avoid building, up edges by keeping a few inches away from the baseboards
  • Apply at least two coats of finish over the seal, if a high-speed burnishing program is used
  • Applying Allow floor to dry completely before opening to traffic.

Cleaning  Schedules

  • Daily cleaning
  • Weekly cleaning
  • Monthly cleaning
  • Quarterly Cleaning

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