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Pest Control & Cleaning Services is a best & Top class solution provider for all your pest control needs. Pest Control & Cleaning Services offering different range of professional pest control & Cleaning services. PCCS’s team have many years of experience in providing quality pest control & Cleaning services to homes, factories, commercial establishment, and corporate offices.

Pest Control & Cleaning Services discovered the most effective solution to fight these harmful enemies. PCCS is the best Solution provider for Pest Control Services. We are the leading, Pest Control & Cleaning Services Company in Kerala . PCCS treat’s every house or property as unique; we customize the treatment to fit your situation.

Normally people don’t understand the problems with Pests. Pests may damage to homes, factories, commercial establishment, and corporate offices, virtually all needs to be fixed. Many get lucky and catch them early before they’ve done too much damage .

We are recognized by The Directorate of Plant Protection Quarantine and Storage under Ministry of Agriculture, Government of India, and accredited from the Department of Agriculture, Government of Australia.


About Us

Drilling Holes

By drilling holes in the concrete or masonry apron around the building at the junction of floor and walls, cracks, crevices, joints etc., and treating the same.By injecting the pesticide in the walls and other parts of the structure.By digging trenches along the external wall of building exposing the foundation wall surface and making rod holes.

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Domino effect

It creates non-repellent chemical region, the foraging termites do not detect this region while foraging and get exposed to the chemical. On contact with the chemical field, termites become dysfunctional but do not die immediately. They continue interacting with the other colony mates, in the process they transfer the chemical to the other colony members, intoxicating the whole colony leading to suppression of the colony.

About Us

Bottom Surface

Treatment of the bottom surface and sides of the excavations made for column pits, wall trenches and basements.Treat of the refill earth on both sides of all built-up walls and vertical surface of substructure.

Treatment of RCC framed structures with column and plinth beams and RCC basement.

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